Good God Corner, Harlech

It’s all Good God Corners around here
all hairpin bends and sharp breaths in
perpendiculars and parallels that pull you out to sea
a riptide of light reaching down from the hills
toppling the little train into the water.

I met a man on the heights, carrying blue sky
in his back pocket like a crumpled map:
he was hiking through the decades from stone circle
to hearth to home. He was happy already,
talking to his wife, walking alone.

I met a man in the depths, reaching his hand
down to me, covered in chalk: I never knew,
he said, before I turned this corner I never knew
how much was hidden on the edge of the sea.
My God your eyes are blue. Have you ever climbed

the cwms before, did you see the kite swoop overhead
close enough to catch its feathers and zipline
down to the sand, the train tracks rusted red,
the place where the tide begins to scale
the ladder of the land? Here comes another corner. Hold my hand.



Corinna Keefe is a freelance writer currently based in the UK. Her work has previously appeared in Popshot and Amethyst Review, as well as the anthologies Crossing Lines (Broken Sleep Books), Unheard Of (Enthusiastic Press)and Christmas Together (Candlestick Press)