Number One

She wore a flowered dress
and the Autumn sun
came through the glass
so light chalk dust
was a mist between me,
the window and the path
to the churchyard where
in a flint wall
coins were left
for me to find.

Was it the first day?
We copied numbers
from the board.
2 was a shape
I could not draw.
She wrote it for me
in my book.
I copied 1 down easily
and later saw
that 1 was also I.

In the picture of the class
we are looking at the lens
which looks straight back
as it buries us alive.



Chris Hardyโ€™s poems have been published widely, some have won prizes. His fourth collection is Sunshine at the end of the world (Indigo Dreams). He is in LiTTLe MACHiNe. โ€œA guitarist as well as a poet Chris Hardy consistently hits the right noteโ€. Roger McGough.