Travelling southbound on Interstate 71, motorists pass a sign which reads
HELL IS REAL. It stands in a plowed field and serves as a reminder to all
God-fearing farmhands that they must indeed fear God. I am not so easily
influenced, I could never be a farmhand for the Lord. In fact, I frequently
shoplift and have thoughts about holding hands with you in public spaces.
The HELL IS REAL sign is one of many roadside prophecies erected in the
midwest. Amongst others, there is Jesus Saves, Jesus save My Soul, I Need u Jesus.
I do not believe in Jesus, but I do believe in believing. And though I could
never be a farmhand for the Lord, I have to love Him. Look at all the signs
He gave us.


Charlotte Knight is a British-Ukrainian poet currently studying a Masters in Creative & Life Writing at Goldsmiths. She has been commended in the National Poetry Competition, shortlisted for the Outspoken Prize for Poetry, and longlisted for the Women Poets’ Prize. Her poetry is featured in Magma, SPAM, and Perverse, amongst others. Her work is centred around folklore, grief, fertility and the moon.