Where you took me

I had never cut my fingernails; would only retouch
occasional casualties โ€“ cracks on thumbs, hooks on
index fingers, too long witch-like pinkies. Not once
did I sit down with a pair of tiny curved scissors
to trim down all ten. But I live here now, inside

your outside dream. My gloves canโ€™t compete
with cupped hands shovelling fresh molehills
into planting holes and biodegradable pots.
No nail brush can handle the wet earth
hugging and sucking ripe parsnips.

At night I pull you on top
as usual, I run
my hands down your back
โ€“ this time you kiss my neck



Cecile Bol lives in the north of the Netherlands. She is the leader of a local English poetry stanza. Her work has appeared in several magazines and anthologies. More onย www.cecilebol.nl.