I am recovering

from the crying I did yesterday

I thought about it downstairs
felt the low hum of a migraine
beginning to squeal

I prefer falling down the stairs
I prefer watching a knife drop from my hand
and land in my nail bed
I prefer taking my time
yanking glass from my eyes

than ever feeling what I felt yesterday

I thought I was waiting to face your corpse
but you arrived and I died without recourse

I am recovering
from the crying I did



beam is a 26 year old woman from Ireland. She has participated in workshops led by Kevin Higgins, read at Galway City’s Literary Organisation event called Over The Edge and has been published in Spilling Hot Cocoa Over Martin Amis & Broadsheet.ie. Recent work includes; surviving the pandemic and several disappointing sourdough loaves. You can find more of her poetry @personalbeam on instagram.