Bellissimo at the Garden Party

Spiked second-cousin to a daisy,
All the joy and twice the size.
I like your pincushion roundness
and the plump solar illusion
at your centre
while all around you
clump ragged rays of deepest pink,
close packed as a fringe
or a quivering halo-
that too, of pins.

I daresay no one else will eulogise you so;
your home is a redundant sink,
proportion is not your forte,
neither is delicacy,
you tend to go in gaps.
So hereโ€™s to all things overlooked,
awkward, spontaneous
and colourful.
Hereโ€™s to careless embroidery,
and broken threads,
to cheerful but ill-founded aspiration
and the eternal quest to be something lovely.
May you too find your moment on the lawn.



Annie Kissack is a poet from the Isle of Man. A teacher, she enjoys writing poetry and songs in both Manx Gaelic and English.