The state of war

For Ukraine

Broken spruces like matches
In the Estonian forest.

Spruces or pines?

Broken our souls,
Those, who did pass across, will not understandโ€ฆ
Those, who did not pass across, will not understand
As well



Anna Maria Mickiewicz ( is a Polish-born poet, writer, editor, translator, and publisher. Founder of the publishing house Literary Waves who writes both in Polish and in English.ย She edits the magazine The Literary Memoir, London, and Contemporary Writers of Poland (USA). She is a member of the English Pen. Her poetic works have appeared in the United States, UK, Australia, Canada, Poland, Mexico, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Salvador, India. Honored with the Gloria Artis medal for Merit to Culture by the Polish Ministry of Culture, the Cross of Freedom and Solidarity and The Joseph Conrad Literary Prize (USA). The Polish Artist of the Year entitled 2021 by the quarterly “YPSILON” literary and artistic periodical at the Foundation by Benjamin Franklin.