Sunday Thunder

Something is angry
behind the blue sunlit sky
a growl
crows fluttering in confusion and the wind tugging at my heels

The scowl overhead
Night growl from the blackness beyond
something is angry

Something behind the sky is angry
though nature says
it is a healing time
the river runs clear and the mountains
unveil their peaks
this is a time of buds and bird calls
and yes a pigeon
pacing on a marble floor
the earth moves slow, the stillness grows
and then the rumble
behind the starlight blotted thin
in sheets of white the angry night
of the maker or alien event horizon
we are all stardust or so we were
the crows fly up and scatter
our ashes to the night
ashes to ashes
dust to stardust.

in the darkness
the tiger paces
a rumble in its throat.



Born in Allahabad, schooled for a time in the UK, Anjana Basu has to date published 9 novels and 2 books of poetry, The Chess Players and Other Poems from Writers Workshop and Picture Poems and Word Seasons from Authorpress. Her first poem was chosen for the Illustrated Weekly by the then Poetry Editor Kamala Das. Her poems have appeared in an anthology brought out by Penguin India. Since then she has featured in Kunapipi, The Blue Moon Review, The Phoenix Review, The Ginosco Review, the Salzburg Review, Prosopisia and Indian Literature, to name a few.Β  Most recently she was published in Muse, an anthology of NE poets