Animals Lit by Neon 

yellow pours down like rain.
yellow pours down in sheets.

I know they’re out there.
I know you’re out there.

down here it’s warm we
gape through grilles
spilling yellow
into quivering stripes.

dark driven auto vehicle bodies
remix the city
in blisters of colour and oil.

winking calligraphy writes the vocabulary of the night

curl      twist
blink     buzz

flash     fizz


we crawl the streets in fur and scales
they slink through alleys in velvet skin
you heave from rivers with dirt and slime
we eat bright bugs from asphalt moons

the city scrawls our name
the city breathes us
the city whispers
it flickers



Alex Faulkner is a recently retired academic sociologist, ever-aspiring poet and fiction-writer, and maker of coloured foil postcard art. He is from Bristol and lives mostly in Lewes. Twitter: alex faulkner @alpensit