Every Girl’s Dream

White egg dress
black shoe suit
doughnut sugary ring
thrown flinty dandruff and white rice
copy and pasted vows
wedding receptionists are
only here for the liquor
vacancy signs is their twin eyes
a head dress of heaven?
A million and one Polaroid picture
chubby and cute as a grey chinchilla.
The champagne bowl is empty.

The moving picture told me so
that Joy and June and Joe
would arrive on time – punctual.
A clipped and cut smile I have
while watching the smooth moves
of fantastic classic beauties on duties
clutching the fawny fabric of their lover
and professing her handkerchief devotion.

I glance at my morgue man
my crushed cadaver cavalier
leaning lifeless along my taut body
a toe tag dangles on his big fat toe:
It’s been three years, it’s time- it mumbles.
Where is the body farm?
The honeymoon will be
made of an investigation.
I glance at my morgue man
I glance at the moving picture.

The champagne bowl is still empty.



Adaeze Onwuelo has been writing poetry ever since she was sixteen years old. Drawing inspiration from personal experience and events she witnesses, she attempts to express herself through poetry.