Fields like tapestry   Fields like patchwork quilt   Fields like
ripples over water    Fields like sunspots on lens
Fields floating clouds  shifting with wind   shapes always
changing   an old stone wall  diced onion in
a frying pan  ladders in a pair of tights   Fields
like computer monitors  sheep frantic screen-savers
Fields like squares on a chessboard  livestock pawns
slowly moving into battle   Fields like tablets  foil
pierced with nail end  take two every four hours
with water  do not exceed the stated dose   Fields like ridges
on a knife edge  teeth-marks in a stone  Fields like trap-doors
or unblinking eyes   Fields unmarked graves   Fields burning
torches   Fields burning red mosquito bites  growing and itching
and itching   Fields dismembered limbs   Fields scars over skin



Jonah Corren‘s work has been published in Alter Egos: A Bad Betty Anthology and is forthcoming on the 84 Blog. He is also a UniSlam champion, and a BBC New Creative.