An Early Lesson in Fake News

One paper said that my mother, The Venus of Vodka,
was blonde;
another that The Russian Doll
was a sexy redhead.
A third was certain that the nude model,
From Russia With Love,
was brunette.

She planned world domination
by luring her art students – lucky Eton boys
behind the Iron Curtain.

I was never mentioned,
except as a side note:
Mrs Smits lives in Windsor
with her husband and two daughters.
How fortunate for mousy-haired me.


Teika Marija Smits is a writer, editor and mother-of-two. Her poems have been published in Atrium, Prole, LossLit, Brittle Star and The Poetry Shed. Her debut pamphlet, Russian Doll, is to be published by Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2020.