Hibernation Girl

I feel the summer days in winter
& winter days through summer.
In transitional seasons I do nothing at all
but revise how to survive.
How easy it is to transmute between you
and the next love
that I can already see coming.

As an immortal,
it is hard to see when a thing
When I finish a book
I leave it out in the rain
until it swells to a size I can say
I feel proud to have read.

If a moth lands on me in the dark,
I know it is re-affirming my
As much as this is a poem,
and I have only written it,
I am the light,
and I have only embodied it.

I have an origin story where
I crash-landed into this world.
like gaslights on an alien ship.
commandeered a body
as fast as I could,
faster than the body could
learn about death.

One day I should like to hear that story,
honeymoon with it,
watch it grow old.



Katherine Stockton is a poet and playwright, and recent graduate from the Scriptwriting Masters at the University of East Anglia. Her poetry can be found in Crepe & Penn, Black Bough Poetry and Not Very Quiet Journal, tweets at @Katie_Stockton.