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Helen May Williams



Winter solstice 2020


13/12/2020 dream haiku
small hours of Sunday morning

family’s little strength
for mourning



still growing
on old apple tree—



the peanut feeder
disappears —
flap of crows wings



scuffed oak leaves
muddy track
futile acorn hunt


above Amroth

soggy cornflakes
skeletal oak leaves
sprouting acorn



Helen May Williams formerly taught at the Warwick University. Publications include: Catstrawe, The Princess of Vix, Before Silence, a debut novel, June, and Native American Literature. She is a Cinnamon Pencil mentor and offers Poetry Surgeries through The Poetry Society.

Srinjay Chakravarti

    * the tattered scarecrow: a raven perches on its shoulder * fireflies . . . sparks from a hammer on the anvil * spring dust sparrows squabble in the forenoon * a dry leaf on the ground . . . a death’s head moth * a silent gong inside the pagoda . . ....

Maureen Kingston

      Hooking Up Civilization writ large shouts “all roads lead to Rome.” Civilization writ small builds the roads. The paper clip’s one of the latter, a civilizational bit player that resembles all the other clips swimming in the jar. Its...