Moments of Vision

The ultrafuturistic train glides in, and the station
crystallises round it, sparkling marble and sky blue daylight.

We glide out, the track beneath us imperceptibly smooth.
England is becoming Tuscany by stealth.

The cities opening their windows, the values
evident and shining; we are renewed, resettled.

But it’s not all you can do here, gaze at views.
The nightlife! The bars and cafés! Come again at twilight!

The local satisfactions, the nuggets of flavour, pools of joy.
Not for nothing the world’s most intelligent toilet.

Knaves are made emperors, the aces higher
than the angels. Virtue as enticing as adultery.

As you squeeze the toothpaste at bedtime,
you can’t fault this day on vision, heart or utility.



Peter Daniels has now had his third collection, My Tin Watermelon, published by Salt.  He has also translated Russian poetry and written obscene poems. Website: