Take the stress out of entertaining

Taking our inspiration from chefs marinated in
spicy vodka we’ve got lots of intrepid sprout trends
to add a little sparkle as the centrepiece of a Boxing Day
hanging.  The traditional way makes it even more
showstopping.  If you fancy a sustainably sourced Middle Eastern
expert the last date for Christmas orders is 15 December.
The meat cooks on the bone but lifts away for easy carving.

If it’s the wow factor you want we’ll deliver more than
1000 different Belgian bakers to your door: they’re
soft and fluffy, wrapped in chocolate and impeccably traditional.
All over the UK and Europe small family firms lightly
dusted with gold are hiding in the middle, but
our selection of hand-picked Banana and Bacon Trifle
specialists can take care of everything.  Cheers!



Rosie Miles lives in Birmingham, where her poem ‘You enter’ is etched into King’s Heath Urban Village Square.  Her debut pamphlet CUTS was published by HappenStance in 2015.  She doesn’t like Christmas pudding but does like jelly.

Note: Take the stress out of entertaining is entirely constructed from the Waitrose Christmas Festive Food Guide 2016.




then at the end of the year

she had all of these words
that she’d never said
out loud

she could hang them on a tree
that pretended to be alive
in the living room

wooden soldiers
in brightly painted coats

some that shone
and curved
reflected the needles

one with a name
painted on in glitter glue

a string of lights
which stopped working
if one of them popped



Laura McKee started writing by mistake. Her poems have turned up on postcards to friends, in journals, on a bus, and in two anthologies. She has been shortlisted but hopes to get taller.  Contact her via Twitter: @Estlinin.