Ira Lightman makes public art in the North East (the Spennymoor Letters, the Prudhoe Glade, the Gatesheads) and lately Willenhall and Southampton. He devises visual poetry forms and then asks local communities to supply words that will bring them alive. He is a regular on BBC Radio 3′s The Verb.  Find out more here and here.







The Night Lisa Riley got knocked out of ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ 2012

Mum is glued to the I player where Lisa’s

rumba  sweeps  the glassy  floor.

We fear the judges  want to  vote her out.


Ann  hangs  lights  on the  tree;  tiny glass

moments , then snowflakes and birds; each one

unfolds  our history in its own.


The TV shows  photos of Sandy Hook

School which will  shape the way

we hang  this December. A peacock


butterfly  falls open  on our  hearth,

soft as a rainbow resting on sky

forced to live through  its own dying.


Mum finds  a shoe box . On the I player tears

shine on Lisa’s face. This is the  pure  Christmas

intensity,  the pulse of Led lights.


The glow that we survived .



Helen Kay comes from Cheshire. She has been busy filling up her memory stick with verse including loads of poems about chickens. Following successes in minor poetry competitions, she has made a New Year’s resolution to seek publication.