Care and Management of a New Year

Hold at arm’s length, remembering how
the predecessor scorched. Raw skin,
ready to heal, flinches under a moonlit

Ring ting-a-ling.

Pull an arm’s length of rope, hefting
extra holiday weight. Those bells
need to peal. Shoulder to the wheel
till they swing.

Begin anything.

Stride an arm’s length to start, heel
to toe the only way to go. Forward,
onward. Flap your tattered cobwebbed
lengths of string.

Flicker of wings.

Spread one arm’s length east; one west.
Race Icarus to this sun’s sun, unseen
unstrung. Lasso beams into chords.

Pick, strum, ping.

Sing into being.



Kymm Coveney was born in Boston, lives in Spain and works as a freelance translator and writer. Flash fiction, poems and translations can be found online and at BetterLies.