Dec. 5th. 2013

We did wonder.
People were laughing, it was human nature,
just another day.

But Darkness came, we thought it would.
A dribble at first,
liquid toes dancing, teasing.

But beyond,
his vast seething body was approaching,
silent through the screaming wind.
Wrenched from the fireside, eyes turned heavenwards
but Night didn’t care.
Light was dead as if for ever.
We couldn’t see her blue dress ripped to shreds
like seaweed, guts and broken fish tails,
soft sand gold limbs crushed. Tossed away,

Fangs widened to engulf bodies of concrete and
lovingly made models of tiny homes.
He brought his gifts and hurled them through windows
smashing goodwill.

One perfect birth of morning, Light came back.
She saw her reflection in the mirrored calm
of virginal water and smiled:
Peace on Earth.

Rosie Brown is a busy artist, writer and grandmother. With a degree in Fine Art, she has since taken UEA courses in Creative Writing and has had poetry and prose published in various anthologies in the UK. Her main inspiration comes from the beautiful North Norfolk coast where she lives and which on this day was ravaged by a huge storm.