Rain Dog

Afterwards, the pool table (cue ball
chalk, two stripes) posed for Paul Cezanne.
The drinkers who were plunged in conversation
seemed suddenly and simultaneously
to lose their train of thought.
I fixed my eyes on the wall above the bar
where they were screening a montage
of your finest moments.
A year passed.
Tom Waits walked in and put a snakeskin
boot through the jukebox.
He signalled the barman.
He sat down beside me and said
Son, I’ve ordered you a bourbon. Lean
in and I’ll tell you how to win her back.



Matt Pitt is a poet and screenwriter. He has previously published in Acumen, Ambit, London Magazine and Prole. His debut feature film, Greyhawk, was shortlisted for the Michael Powell Award at the 2014 Edinburgh International Film Festival.