new chevrons   chalking
the wind   – two terns   re-
turned north   re-
vise the estuary’s    silvers

rollers   far out   lumpen
with seals   the links
hump   with bronze
hordes  of whin

the copters’   relay
belfries   the cloud
peels   & slices

a mussel shell   tips
on a cake   of sand   – chink
of wave   in its bows   still
waiting   to be bailed

the horizon   offers
its quiet practice   its
diffuse gaze   a tanker
breaks    my meditation

&   I am   night-
startled   I—

over   the boatshed
flushed   & full   how
did I   miss
the peony   moon

– sways eastward   now
out towards   Norway

its sun-mirror’s   mirror
rusting   the current



Lucy Ingrams won the Manchester Poetry Prize (2015) and the Magma Poetry Competition (2016). A pamphlet, Light-fall, is published by Flarestack Poets.