I breathed rabbit skin all day, let
the smell into me like bad manners

I feel curl up in my lungs. I saw the split
in the rock and slit in. This is home,

I suppose, to fit like a coin in a slot,
crimped at the edges, unsure

what will pay out. I walked around
bears asleep, aware of my insides, pink

as niceties ringleted through me
from my skull to my socks. The bones,

everywhere, I made my chair. I sucked
a swallow’s heart like a pebble, put my feet

up on fur and waited for spring to slap me
in the face, let me smell my own blood.



Angela Readman‘s poetry was published by Salt. She has since won the Mslexia Poetry Competition, The Essex Poetry Prize, and been commended in Cafe Writers, The Arvon International Poetry Competition, and the Cardiff. She is working on another collection.