She has had a glimpse of heaven

and will not be denied

they try to feed her
and she can feel it slipping

her rage is righteous
it is perfect

she does not want to be good
when perfection is possible

they tell her she is beautiful
but she knows they lie

they have given up
but she will not, ever

she wants to be edge-on to the world
sharp enough to cut reality

she wants to be thin enough
to slip through the gaps in the railings

and fly perfect in the garden
where girls don’t have to touch the ground

ever, ever



Adrian Salmon lives in Bingley, West Yorkshire. Adrian’s first pamphlet, Moonlight through the Velux window, was published by Yaffle Press in June 2019. Adrian’s poems have appeared in Algebra of OwlsI am not a silent poetInk Sweat & TearsPoetry24Prole, and Strix.