And I think that you think you understand a lot of things
Things you just don’t.
Getting caught between the rhythm and home.
But you see I’m only telling you this because I used to think I understood a lot and I just didn’t
I was caught  between time and a metronome.
so there’s you and there’s me
I have lonely nights you wouldn’t believe
and you fall into the comfort of sadness
But I was you.
I learned that the thing about sadness is it’s only comfortable for so long.
It gets old but by the time it is,
you’re too old to change a damn thing.
So pick yourself up find happiness in her smile.
find pleasure in warm coffee
and laughter in windy days.
Marry her and start a family. Teach your kids it’s never too late and then remember that on bad days.
teach them that even the worst problems can be solved with a hug from their mother.
and teach them that music will help them find peace.
Teach them the world is ugly but that it’s also gorgeous
and it’s only a matter of perspective.
Like everything else.
But, my god, if you can teach them nothing else
Teach them to love foolishly
Teach them to have a mind that is more open than the Sea
Teach them that there is no sin greater than ignorance
Teach them to be hungry for knowledge
Teach them an instrument or two
And please please
Teach them to be their own source of happiness.




Abigail Beene is a 15 years old. Many people (friends, family, teachers etc) have suggested that she take her poems beyond her notebooks.