steaming beef—
hidden in a country song
lady’s patootie

The songwriter didn’t know how best to juxtapose the image and so chose innuendo, stars and asterisks, patootie metaphors, shimmering beneath the disco ball.

The singer chuckles out the tune he thinks only whores can translate.  But the Ph.D. on vacation is no analphabetic.  She’s fine with the lady’s patootie, has one herself, and the Planned Parenthood website mentions back door porking.  Perhaps she’ll write a poem

about it for women’s history month.  She sips her sex on the beach, head ducked . . . or perhaps not.

The red-faced ranch hand tastes the tobacco smoke and peanuts.  His upside-down cowboy hat brims with twang as the beef steams, and the Bud fizzes, and the dancers twirl, and the black and white tiles blur, multiple angles converging as all succumb to the music theory.



Anna Cates is a graduate of Indiana State University (M.A. English and Ph.D. Curriculum & Instruction/English) and National University (M.F.A. Creative Writing).  Her first collections of poetry and fiction, The Meaning of Life and The Frog King, were published by, and her second poetry collection, The Darkroom, by Prolific Press.  She lives in Ohio with her two beautiful kitties and teaches education and English online, including graduate courses in creative writing.  Links: