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Ofem Ubi




and so it goes…

two boys neck-deep in a boiling argument
talking about which album is best
Made In Lagos or A Better Time

a man calls beer the devil’s urine
you do not swallow poison and expect to blossom

a boy regurgitates the faces of exes
ruminating on Celine Dionic times
one more heartbreak and his heart becomes a cold-room

certain foundations turned children into lamp-holders
how many more change-makers do we need?

one boy thinks his life an adaptation of a Nollywood film
doesn’t know which

father turns river to search engine
did you mean: Chijioke
traumatic is the missing of an offspring
till we meet to part no more or not
the lab welcomes another cadaver

girl holds masterclass with friends

lecturing of how a boy’s body is a British accent:
sharp like new born razor
slicing everything it collides with

a writer gets called sachet Shakespeare on Facebook
the bird app is a warfront for a country
Nigeria; sachet hell fire
the synonym for a barbwire



Ofem Ubi is a poet, photographer and filmmaker, published in the Deep Dreams Anthology of the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize, 2018. He is internationally published and his film Velvet was a selection for the Fringe of Color film festival, 2021.

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